Rovana Plumb Terminată de la Bruxelles. Deputații juriști au dat Verdictul. Nu va fi comisar european
Rovana Plumb încearcă să păcălească Comisia Juridică. Ce decizie a luat
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Rovana Plumb încearcă să păcălească Comisia Juridică. Ce decizie a luat

Europarlamentarul PSD, Rovana Plumb, a transmis o scrisoare către Comisia Juridică a Parlamentului European (JURI) prin care îi informează pe membrii acestei comisii că a fost rezolvată problema care îi fusese imputată.

Ea anunță printr-un comunicat de presă că împrumutul de 800.000 de lei care i-a blocat numirea în funcția de comisar european a fost stins. Rovana Plumb spune că i-a oferit creditorului două apartamente în România.

Rovana Plumb a transmis o scrisoare în limba engleză (vezi mai jos Documentul), înainte de ședința Comisiei JURI de la ora 14.00, care-i va decide soarta, în ceea ce privește comisar european pe Transporturi.

În scrisoare, Rovana Plumb arată că până la data de 23 octombrie, când noua Comisie Europeană va fi votată în plenul Parlamentului European, toate datoriile cu privire la conflictul său de interese vor fi șterse. În document, ea anunță că și-a plătit creditul de 800.000 de euro oferind creditorului două apartamente pe care le deține şi că acesta a acceptat acest tip de rambursare, datoria urmând să fie şterse.

Ms. Lucy Nethsingha


Committee on Legal Affairs

Ms. Chair,

I took note of the exchange of letters between you and President David Sassoli, following the examination of my declaration of financial interests by the Committee on Legal Affairs, you are chairing.

I understand the legitimacy of the concerns about the occurrence of a possible conflict of interest, but let me once again express my good faith in view of responding to your concerns.

However, I regret that, in accordance to the understanding of some members of JURI, the Committee concluded that no actual solution to overcome the possible future conflict of interest, the Committee has identified, could be found, and therefore no recommendation could be formulated, thus my unfitness and inability to exercise the function designated by the President-elected of the European Commission, as well as any other similar function, being definitely and completely established. I thought that my answers to the questions concerning the ways I envisaged for extinguishing my debt were enough to wave the members’ concerns. If I were told that those were not appropriate as solutions for coping with the conflict of interest I would have proposed some other means to solve the problem, which only I could have offered and put in place.

Bearing this in mind, and in order to deblock the situation, I have made some steps which I am confident JURI will find as an appropriate solution.  Thus, I have offered to the creditor of the reimbursement (physical person) two apartments I own in Romania, which are already declared in the financial declaration and she accepted as an immediate, full and final payment of my debt. Consequently, the debt which generated your concern does not exist any longer. As soon as possible, until 23 of October 2019 when the European Parliament will vote the new Commission, the solutions mentioned above will be put in place.

Hoping that this arrangement will offer the Committee you chair an appropriate ground for getting rid of its concerns and for formulating a positive opinion on the matter, I fully remain at your disposal for further clarification.

Please accept the expression of my highest consideration.

Rovana Plumb (MEP)

Commissioner-designated for Transport

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